Today We Begin
February 4, 2016

Two years ago we got together in Thenkahalli and decided that this small southern village should be a part of our future as much it was our history. In that instant we knew a way to pass on the secrets of healthy living we inherited from our ancestors. We wanted to make millets a part of every day staple, and thus orgTree was born.

Cut to the present day, and we have our factory. All set to make our first set of cookies, the first from a long line of products to come. “No wheat, no rice, no gluten, no trans-fat, tasty and healthy millets” became a personal mantra and aspiration.

It was a grain of a great importance for many centuries before we switched over to a rice heavy diet. It is what we grow in our villages.

Here comes the best part: we can get the millets from the local farmers we trust. Now we get to experiment with recipe, keeping the ingredients natural and getting those tastes to serve everyone around. Made right here in our village.

The whole village is as excited about it as we are.

They are as intent on seeing this grow as we are.

Until then…Imagine. (see more of the story here)

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