“Seed Day” at orgtree, second edition
June 23, 2017

On the June, 11 of 2017 we invited the farmers from surrounding villages of Mandya to our factory. For the second time farmers reacted positively and came to orgtree to receive the millet seeds that they can sell them back to us after  successfully harvesting them.

Last time we learned that a lot of farmers from surrounding villagers grow millets for the personal consumption of their families but they don’t sell them and don’t necessary know how to grow millets properly that the grains are suited for commercial sale. Therefore, on this day we concentrated more on talking about how to grow millets properly and take care of the soil to keep it fertile.

We put together a short video to show how that wonderful day went by and we hope to see everyone back soon for the next “Seed Day” at orgtree.


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