On the June, 11 of 2017 we invited the farmers from surrounding villages of Mandya to our factory. For the second time farmers reacted positively and came to orgtree to receive the millet seeds that they can sell them back to us after  successfully harvesting them. Last time we learned that a lot of farmers from […]

Cauvery, Millets and OrgTree
October 5, 2016

OrgTree’s manufacturing facility is located in our village Thenkahalli in Mandya District. Mandya is considered to be the hotbed of Cauvery dispute. The Shivanasamudra waterfall is about 10 km from the village. We call it ‘Bluff’, am not sure how this name came to be. The Asia’s first hydroelectric power station, Shimsha is also around […]

Today We Begin
February 4, 2016

Two years ago we got together in Thenkahalli and decided that this small southern village should be a part of our future as much it was our history. In that instant we knew a way to pass on the secrets of healthy living we inherited from our ancestors. We wanted to make millets a part […]